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Special Offers - Radio

If you are resident of Canada, please call our Canadian office to order products: 877-868-8470. If you have questions about any of the products offered, please call 800-972-3447.
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Eat, Drink and Be Merry (CD Set)

Shelli was crying in her kitchen. She was a wife, a mother of two small children, and her husband's business had failed. She had two choices - press in to God or go crazy.

Glory: Heavy with Everything Good (CD Set)

Radio_Gary_Wood_for_web.jpg Heaven is a Real Place (Radio-CDs)

Radio Broadcasts with Dr. Billye Brim and Dr. Gary Wood, author of the book, "A Place Called Heaven."

2 CD set

Maria Woodworth Etter Article

The sermon referenced by Billye Brim on the Voice of One Witness radio broadcast by Maria Woodworth Etter titled, "How to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit in a Meeting" is available in the Media - Artic

Blood and the Glory book on CD.jpg The Blood and The Glory (Book on CD set) $30.00
The Blood and The Glory (Book) $14.00
LifeofOralRobertsCD web.jpg The Life & Ministry of Oral Roberts (CD)

A special radio interview with Dr. Oral Roberts by his daughter, Roberta Potts, and David Warren of The Oasis Network.