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Special Offers

If you are resident of Canada, please call our Canadian office to order products: 877-868-8470. If you have questions about any of the products offered, please call 800-972-3447.
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Awakening of the Nations Special Edition T-shirt

Commemorating the historic gathering of the First Nations of North America on Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, this special edition Long-sleeve T-shirt is now available at a special price.

Healing Psalms for Healing Souls (CD & DVD)

A collection of powerful personal prayers from the timeless wisdom of King David and narrated with David's Harp.

IsraelD.jpg ISRAEL Documentary DVD - The People The Land The Promise

"In all the world there is a land that God marked out – the land of Israel… And in all that land there is a city and that city is Jerusalem… And in that city there is a hill, Moriah… And

Pray in a Leader - May 8, 2011 Prayer Meeting (CD)

From Billye Brim's May 2011 Partner Letter:

Quantum Realm Prayer (CD)

"Did you know that scientists have connected the natural realm to the spiritual realm? The time realm to the eternal realm? Now they even say you can be in both realms at the same time.

Wind of the Spirit - The Lewis Revival (DVD)

Few people have ever lived through the experience of God working in revival power. One of the few exceptions in modern times took place on the Scottish Isle of Lewis between 1949 and 1952.

WWP Prayer Force Lapel Pin

Available Now While Supplies Last!

Wear your New WWP Prayer Force Lapel Pin as a witness to the world that you are part of a Prayer Force that is changing the world in these perilous times.