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Hebrew Language

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ALessonADay Web.jpg A Lesson A Day - Chofetz Chaim (Book)

In giving Jews the Torah, God granted them a system of laws and beliefs designed to elevate the human personality to a lofty state.

Chumash - The Torah (Hardcover Book)

DeVaR - Word, Thing (CD)

The Hebrew word Devar means, "words, things." Words are creative forces. Words are things.

DVD-set-for-web.jpg Elementary Hebrew (DVD Set)

After the homegoing of her husband in 1986, the Lord
led Billye Brim to study Hebrew in the land of Israel.
Little did she know what that simple act of obedience

From Sacrifice to Korban (CD)

Sacrifice: an act of offering something precious to deity; destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else; loss, deprivation

HaMakom: The Place (CD Set)

How the Hebrew Language Grew.jpg How the Hebrew Language Grew (Book)

All the greatness, the magic, and the splendor of the Hebrew people and their ethical genius is reflected in the words they used in telling the story of their lives and their deeds; to tell how they b

Mo'ed: The Appointed Time (CD Set)

Shalom: The Peace That Comes From Being Whole (CD Set)

Tehillim2.jpg Tehillim - The Book of Psalms (2 Vol. Set)

Tehillim - The Book of Psalms. Moses gave Israel the five books of the Torah: David gave Israel the five books of Tehillim (Midrash). Torah and Tehillim. Moses and David. Mind and heart.

5SetTehillim.jpg Tehillim - The Book of Psalms (5 Vol.Set)

1stHeberwPrimer3rdEd..jpg The First Hebrew Primer & Answer book (Books)

The Glorious Church Conference (CD & DVD Set)

A Note from Sister Billye:

The Glorious Church Conference (CD Set)

A Note from Sister Billye:

The Glorious Church Conference (DVD Set)

A Note from Sister Billye:

The Secrets of Hebrew Words (Book)