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A Spiritual Heritage Tour of the US Capitol (Book)

This book will guide you through the inside of the United States Capitol building, the striking symbol of American liberty.

Tribute cover web.jpg A Tribute to Spiritual Excellence (Book)

Aimee Web.jpg Aimee - Life Story of Aimee Semple McPherson (Book)

GWCarver Man of Vision DVD.jpg Carver: Man of Vision (DVD)

George Washington Carver was a person whose humbleness toward knowledge, whose tolerance toward people, and whose reverence towards God, molded him into one of the world's most beloved figures.

DiaryOfGodsGeneralJGLake.jpg Diary of God's General (Book)

ForgottenPatriot.jpg Forgotten Patriot: The Story of Haym Salomon (Book)

GWCarver His Life DVD.jpg George Washington Carver: His Life and His Work (DVD)

Here is the story of the life of George Washington Carver...a life that should not be forgotten, for it is full of hope, meaning, and inspiration.

George Whitefield: The Evangelist (Book)

Billye Brim's comments: "I'm so glad they've brought this book back into print. God used this man to unite the colonies into the peoples who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

If My Heart Could Talk (Book)

Dodie Osteen, mother of Joel Osteen, gives readers a personal account of her extraordinary life and shares what she has learned about love, faith, and family.

John G. Lake - His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith (Book)

Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (Book)

In 1776, fifty-six Americans signed a simple document which unalterably changed the course of this country.

Maria Woodworth-Etter: For Such a Time as This (Book)

MyLife_KEHaginCD web.jpg My Life and Ministry (CD Series)

Thousands worldwide have been blessed by the ministry of Kenneth E. Hagin, known by many as the father of the modern faith movement.
6 CD Set

Remarkable Miracles (Book)

Remarkable Miracles...Far more than this world dreams.
What happens when we devote our lives to prayer? How does prayer change our circumstances? Why does God want us to pray?

Smith Wigglesworth Apostle of Faith (Book)

"I can never recollect a time," said Smith Wigglesworth, "when I did not long for God."

SW A Life Ablaze web.jpg Smith Wigglesworth: A Life Ablaze with the Power of God (Book)

Author W. Hacking, son-in-law to Smith Wigglesworth, reveals personal insights into the life of this 20th century apostle.

SW Secret of His Power web.jpg Smith Wigglesworth: The Secret of His Power (Book)

Albert Hibbert, friend and confidant of the world-renowned 20th century minister Smith Wigglesworth, relates his personal accounts of this remarkable man of God.

Auto of George Muller.jpg The Autobiography of George Muller (Book)

What can be accomplished by an ordinary person who trusts in an extraordinary God? George Muller discovered the endless possibilities!

LifeofOralRobertsCD web.jpg The Life & Ministry of Oral Roberts (CD)

A special radio interview with Dr. Oral Roberts by his daughter, Roberta Potts, and David Warren of The Oasis Network.

PersonalTestomonyOfASMP.jpg The Personal Testimony of Aimee Semple McPherson (Book)

ThePrinceandTheProphet.jpg The Prince and The Prophet (Book)

“Within the history of nations, we often sense that there are hidden divinely-ordained directions. A History which God conducts….

The Road to Prayer Mountain (Book)

In this fascinating autobiography, Billye Brim tells the story of her family’s Pentacostal roots and how a God-given directive led her to build Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks.

The Spiritual Heritage of the US Capitol (DVD)

The United States Capitol building has long served as a beautiful symbol of American liberty.

ThisIsThatASMcPherson.jpg This is That (Book)