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The Life of Faith (Book)

SKU: NUZ-0001

A woman of mystery - A woman of faith.
No one knows anything about her husband or family... but Mrs. Cornelia Nuzum, a missionary to Mexico, knew what it meant to live The Life of Faith.
In 18 concise chapters she guides believers to a new level of faith with thorough, soul searching insight into God's Word.
This refreshing study reveals and reemphasizes the true intent of Scripture concerning faith, inlcuding:
* How Christ took on ALL human weaknesses so that we might have ALL His strengths.
* How the blood of Christ has bought us - and protects us against everything.
* What it really means to walk by faith, not by sight.
Each chapter provides you with a new challenge and a new look at what The Life of Faith is all about. But be prepared - your faith is about to grow!

95 page softcover book

Price: $8.00