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The Life of Faith (Book)

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The poignant account of an early twentieth-century missionary who chose a life lived in joyful service.

As a missionary in Mexico in the early twentieth century, Cornelia Nuzum learned how to trust God for challenging needs in difficult circumstances. Having learned to speak Spanish, she knew the importance of communicating with simplicity and brevity. All of these elements contribute to the highly readable message of The Life of Faith.

Basing her insights solidly on God's Word, Cornelia shares boldly and without apology how she learned to have deep faith. Confronting the dangers of bandits, diseased dogs, and yellow fever, this amazing woman learned how to resist evil and live confidently in God's power. In The Life of Faith she encourages others to live humbly and to witness boldly. Drawing from her intimate walk with God, Cornelia guides the reader to new levels of faith.

This refreshing study reveals and reemphasizes the true intent of Scripture concerning faith, inlcuding:
* How Christ took on ALL human weaknesses so that we might have ALL His strengths.
* How the blood of Christ has bought us - and protects us against everything.
* What it really means to walk by faith, not by sight.

96 page softcover book

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