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Practicing the Presence (CD)

SKU: CD1-0020

With sincerity and unfeigned love Practicing the Presence is Billye Brim’s recent revelation of the importance of moment-by-moment consciousness of the Holy Spirit. She awoke one morning recently to this phrase, “Read Psalm 73. I want to speak to you today out of Psalm 73.”

As she read, she was not sure what the Lord wanted to show her. The Psalmist spoke despairingly of the wicked flourishing. However, in the end in spite of it all, David decides to focus his gaze away from himself and move into God’s presence. In that “place” he found God’s goodness—His essence. Instead of complaining lips, he begins to overflow with endless joy and gratitude.

Practicing God’s Presence has been a teaching Billye Brim has been faithful to share throughout the years. It is a practice greatly influenced by learning about how other servants of God with ordinary lives become extraordinary—rising to great heights by living in constant awareness of God. Billye Brim shares how this awareness has helped her to operate in supernatural peace in the everyday affairs of life.

Manifesting God’s presence is vital to the Church in these Last Days in order for others to see Christ’s victory in our everyday lives—Christ in you the hope of glory (Col. 1:27).

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