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Elementary Hebrew (DVD Set)

SKU: DVD-5002

After the homegoing of her husband in 1986, the Lord
led Billye Brim to study Hebrew in the land of Israel.
Little did she know what that simple act of obedience
would bring about in her life. Since then, the Lord has
used the original language of the Bible to reveal precious
truths from the scriptures to her and to countless others
through her teaching ministry.
These lessons on Hebrew, taken from Billye Brim’s
‘School of Eschatology,’ will give begining students a
basic foundation for the study of this wonderful language.
Lesson titles include:
- The Aleph Bet
- The Hebrew Root
- Genesis 1:1
- Writing the Aleph Bet
- The Aleph & the Tav

5 DVD Set plus 10 page Study Guide

Price: $50.00