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The Authority of the Believer & How to Use It (Book)

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Authority is delegated power.

Jesus delegated the authority on the earth to His body on the earth. Understanding this authority is of top importance in working with God in prayer in the end of days.

Christians have the authority to keep Satan from having high carnival in their homes and families. Wherever demon forces are the culprits, we have the authority to keep them at bay. But believers must know about it. And they must know how to operate in it.

In the 1980s, Kenneth E. Hagin told Billye Brim, “As long as you are in this world, you can’t keep weapons from being formed against you, but you
can keep them from prospering.” Since then, she has studied the subject of the authority of the believer and learned to use it in her own life, family, and ministry.

In this special edition mini-book, Dr. Billye Brim gives practical instructions from the Word of God on how we can rise up in the authority and power that is ours to do the work that God intended we should do in the earth.

48 page mini-book

Price: $3.00