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March 2, 2012 The Branson Miracle

The Branson Miracle
In all the destruction, and with very little warning, there were No Deaths! Praise the Lord.

My grandson, Branden, told me the LA Times did a story on the aftermath of the
powerful tornado that hit Branson about 1:30 in the morning on the Leap Year's extra day.
One comment on the story was something like, "God must really be mad to punish 
a godly place like Branson."

God did not cause the tornado! That which kills, steals, and destroys is of the enemy. (John 10:10)
These are perilous times, but God has provided protection and deliverance from perils. 
It is of utmost importance to know how to appropriate His provision.

Please watch our February 29, noon prayer meeting, which was streamed live at noon
just after the tornado. You will hear and see amazing accounts of how exercising 
the authority of the believer and drawing the blood line stopped the tornado in its 
tracks as it headed for those standing in and exercising the Power in the Name, the Word, and 
the Blood from their seats in the Master at the right hand of the Father.

Please pray for Branson and its citizens to quickly recover in time for our tourist
season. And we require that the thief pay back what he attempted to steal.
Branson stands for godliness. It is not perfect. But it is a wonderful place to visit and to live.
The Lord has brought His own here from the four directions of the compass. 
I know their prayers and standing kept physical death at bay.
Glory to God

Shalom, Shalom
Billye Brim

CLICK HERE to view some photos of the storm damage in Branson.

Below is a link to a short video of Chip Brim relating his testimony about the damage around his home east of Branson.