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About Chip Brim

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Chip Brim
Champions 4 Christ Ministries

"Now it's time!" the Lord said to Chip Brim in 1998. "It is time to train Champions for Christ. I have taught you to train champions in baseball; now it is time to train Champions for Christ. I desire for my people to be champions—people who always prevail in the Last Days!"

This confirmed the call to the ministry in 1986 at his father's funeral, by a prophetic word from the Lord through Kenneth E. Hagin, who was conducting the service.

Craving God diligently after answering the "call to preach," the Lord gave Chip a supernatural experience with a message from heaven about why believers are not receiving the answers to their prayers.

When Chip preaches this message (and other messages that the Lord gave him for the Last Days), the Lord confirms His Word with salvations, healings, deliverances, miracles, and visions.

Chip Brim was a highly successful coach in baseball at every level from high school to professional teams for 13 years. With ten championship baseball teams and an exceptional number of credits and awards, Chip uses the same principles God taught him about training champion teams with a supernatural anointing to build Champions for Christ in the Church.

Dedicated Christian parents, Chip and Candace Brim, and their children, Taylor and Kaleb, make their home in Missouri. Champions 4 Christ is an outreach ministry of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, where they assist Chip's mother, well-known minister and author Billye Brim.

The Purpose of the "4"

The "4" in the Champions 4 Christ insignia is not just for style. It has a profound meaning. The following story is how God made his will for this logo so very clear to me.

When God called me into the ministry, He gave me the name Champions 4 Christ. He showed me an image of a guy wearing a Champions 4 Christ shirt. Later, He showed me a ring with the Champions 4 Christ insignia. I felt led to start the process of making t-shirts and rings. In that process, I changed the "4" into a cross on the designs. Months went by. It seemed the process was delayed. I sought God. Our gracious heavenly Father helped me see what the delay was. He woke me up in the middle of the night and showed me this: when I changed the "4" to a cross, I had taken the meaning out of God's purpose for this ministry. The victory of our salvation and everything Jesus has accomplished for us is in His Resurrection. Because of the Resurrection, we are seated with Jesus in authority and power to be STRONG IN HIM.

Let Every Word be Established

Within the next week, I went into the offices of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks. A staff member there told me that he had awakened in the middle of the night and God showed him the "4" meant the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and you.

The next week I was in Arizona at a motorcycle rally that Ellson Bennett Ministries hosted. While Ellson and I were having lunch together, I told him the whole story of the insignia. He became excited. Ellson, being a full-blood-Navajo, told me this Native American story that his father told him: The Native Americans would make an eagle's claw over their face when they came into contact with anyone they were in covenant with. The eagle has four claws. The claw in the thumb position is you. This means without your being involved with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, it is impossible for anything to be accomplished.

A couple of weeks later, I was visiting my mom, Billye Brim. She shared with me what the number four means to the Jews. A Jewish book on numbers explained it. The number four means 3+1. The four being the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and you! Once again, God confirmed it: "by two or three witnesses let every word be established."

It takes all of us—the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and YOU— all working together to accomplish God's plan here on the earth. With all four working together, we create a powerful force that makes us a CHAMPION 4 CHRIST!


Chip has many accomplishments in the sports world which have included:
490 Baseball Career Wins
A part of 10 Championship Teams
Coach of the Year Awards
Houston Astros, Major League Baseball, Scout
Arkansas Razorbacks, NCAA Division 1, Asst. Coach
Northwest Missouri State, NCAA Division 2, Asst. Coach
Nevada Missouri Griffons, Semi-Pro, Asst. Coach
Tulsa Hale High School, OK, Head Coach
Hominy High School, OK, Head Coach
Dale High School, OK, Head Coach

Chip Brim has many avenues of ministry which include:
Teaching messages in Audio, Video, and Book formats
A yearly Youth Rally in Branson, Missouri
Numerous evangelistic meetings across the US and abroad
Periodic Radio and Television broadcasts

For more information about Chip Brim and Champions 4 Christ Ministries, log onto

Champions 4 Christ
PO Box 40, Branson, MO 65615

(417) 336-4877