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September 1, 2017 President's Call to Prayer

Billye Brim Blog
The Parsonage

Alert to all Pray-ers associated with us in any way!
Be sure to join our President’s call to Prayer Sunday September 3.

Western Journalism reported his call as follows:

Surrounded by members of the clergy, President Donald Trump signed a declaration Friday designating Sunday as a day of prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
“From the beginning of our nation, Americans have joined together during times of great need to ask for God’s blessing and God’s guidance,” Trump said.
“It’s going to be a very special day. I don’t know when this was done last, but it’s been a long time ago,” Trump said to the clergy with him in the Oval Office.

Pray as you are led. I will be praying first of all in the morning.
And then at 3 PM, I will be praying from my home.
We are not having our regular Sunday Service at 3 pm on the Mountain.
But I will meet you up around the throne at that hour.

In addition to praying as our President requested (and by the way, this is what the founders of this nation always did when disaster, or perilous times, were upon them; and it always worked) BE SURE TO USE AUTHORITATIVE PRAYER AGAINST the approaching storm, Irma.

Shalom, Shalom
Billye Brim