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October 13, 2017 Our Ultimate Corporate Prayer Meeting

Billye Brim Blog
October 13, 1917
The Parsonage


I woke up this morning with the Autumn Assembly of Prayer on my mind.

When we were led to establish Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, the Lord said it was for two purposes:

1. To pray in God’s will into the earth.
2. To stop the strategies of the enemy.

He told us to provide places for two kinds of prayer:

1. Individual prayer (our cabins serve this purpose).
2. Corporate prayer

The Autumn Assembly of Prayer is our ultimate corporate prayer meeting.

This year’s prayer assembly is of utmost importance.

For the one who attacks the nations and attempts to destroy God’s purposes in them has attacked America and other nations almost as never before.

We know we can do something about this.

I do hope you listened to the message we sent you by link with yesterday’s blog.

Just be sure to come with God’s love that resides in your hearts manifested for our working together with God in faith and power.

The following is a schedule, but it is always subject to change by the Holy Spirit.

Autumn Assembly Speaker Schedule
The Mansion Theater
189 Expressway Lane, Branson, MO

Wednesday, October 18
12:00PM Noon Prayer
7:00PM Dr. Billye Brim

Thursday, October 19
10:00AM Lynne Hammond
7:00PM Chip Brim

Friday, October 20
10:00AM Lynne Hammond
7:00PM Kenneth Copeland

Saturday, October 21
10:00AM Dr. Billye Brim
2:00PM Youth Led Prayer - Hannah Brim
7:00PM Israel Night - Billye Brim, Rani Levy

Sunday, October 22
10:00AM Ilan Sharon from Israel
Film: Faithkeepers
2:00PM Pastor Steve Khoury from Bethlehem
Dr. Billye Brim

Tent Meeting out on Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks
500 Walton Drive, Kirbyville, MO

Monday, October 23
9:30AM The Homestead Pickers
10:30AM Kenneth Copeland