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May 1, 2017 A Message That Blessed Me

Billye Brim Blog
Branson, MO
May 1, 2017

At the International Convention of Faith Ministries ( yearly convention last week in Branson, Dr. Larry Ollison brought a teaching that blessed me.

He began with Leviticus 19:19. God's Word on not sowing mingled or mixed seed.

Then he went to NT Scriptures:
The sower sows the Word.
Cursing & Blessings should not come out of the same mouth.
Etc. Etc.

The angels part in bringing our confessions to pass.
Mixed seed sends mixed messages to them.

A double minded man receives nothing.

I called my son, Terry.
His degree is in agricultural science.
He told me that seed, like other agricultural products, is graded.

Seed is graded on its ability to sprout!

Grade A sprouts the quickest.

That would be The Word of God spoken out of our mouths!

My friend, Dr. Gary Wood, who died, went to Heaven and returned, said that Jesus told Him that to pray the most effective prayer we should say, "It is written!"

Shalom, Shalom!