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March 18, 2017 Isaac's Little Lessons

Billye Brim Blog
March 18, 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana

Going around in our spirits for some time is an online school. We are calling it 3BI: Billye Brim’s Bible Institute. More about my part later. But in a nutshell it will be different in that it will focus on Bible Prophecy and its now fulfillment.

Today, I want to introduce you to something we’ll be doing for children. Isaac’s Little Lessons will focus on God’s great creation. Our pilot program has been launched on YouTube. And the first episode focuses on God’s scientific building blocks.
We envision this helping children understand the science of Creation.

You can watch this episode by going to Isaac’s Little Lessons on or to my facebook:

Also, Isaac is going to Israel with us on our upcoming tour. We will video him at sites along the way, so that in effect children (and even older folks) can see these holy and wonderful sites through the eyes of a child. They will be available after the tour.

Posted with this blog is a picture of Pastors Zane and Rachel Bousum’s children watching this first episode at lunch today.

L to Right in the picture: Pastor Zane Bousum, Josiah, Hannah Brim, Michaela and Audrey.