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June 12, 2017 Billye Brim Blog from Jerusalem

Billye Brim Blog
June 12, 2017

My time in the Land and here in the Holy City has been punctuated with seeing longtime Jewish friends as well as new acquaintances whom the Lord has caused to see me through the eyes of God-given favor. My heart is really touched as I see how He has fulfilled what He told me 31 years ago that He would do. My young husband had moved to Heaven and I was praying at my blue prayer chair about what I should do. I heard Him clearly say within me.

Go to Israel and study Hebrew in the Land. I am going to place you close to the Jews. So close they can know your love…

Praying further about His instruction I heard:

I could teach you the Hebrew language like that (and I heard a sound like the snap of a finger and the thumb) but there are people I want you to know. Experiences I want you to have.

On this trip I have met people from long ago, not so long ago, and quite recently that confirm this path I am walking is in obedience to His command.

I thank you so much for your prayers. Your standing with me in this unusual walk.
Thank you so much for your faithful giving that keeps coming in when I am away.

For our Migdal Arbel Prayer and Study Center Project, we really need some focused prayers. Here are our immediate prayer points.

- A Quick and easy "approval", on JUN 21.
- A "no factor" attitude as far as the "expiration" date goes.
- Additional money to come into the Migdal USA account in preparation for building.

We will be flying home on Wednesday, but I am asking that you remember the Wednesday 8 am prayer call for Israel and that everyone join together in prayer for these three things. And others as the Spirit leads. In the United States call:

Then follow prompts and enter:

For additional Prayer Call information and International numbers, see the info page on our website:

Will see you at Third Sunday Miracle and Healing Service either in person at Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, or online at It will be streamed live. My grandson and his wife, Brandon and Destinie Brim will be ministering with an anointing that has wrought some wondrous healings to the Glory of God.
That’s Sunday, June 18 at 3 pm CDT.

Shalom, Shalom