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January 21, 2017 The Inauguration & Happenings at BBM

Billye Brim Blog 1-21-17
The Parsonage

The Inaugurations

Are you like me? Did you experience the Inaugurations of President Donald John Trump and Vice-President Michael Richard Pence?

I made it a point yesterday to take in every moment the Lord and modern-day technology brought to my home. I thrilled as the Witness of the Holy Spirit brought to my being His Hand in all of this. His answer to the prayers of His people.

Shelli and I offered up a stream of prayers all throughout the day and night.

And this morning I took part in the National Prayer Service in The National Cathedral. Watching live, I prayed with our President, Vice-President and others, the words, Our Father Which Art in Heaven…Thy Will Be Done In Earth As It Is In Heaven….

It made it easier to enter into the sites of the Inauguration by having walked those areas in Washington D.C. just a few days before. Having been sent on a CUFI mission to our Senators. And a prayer mission by our Lord that put us in the media-lined hallway before the Senate Kennedy Caucus room where the Cabinet hearings were taking place…And in front of the West Side of the Capitol Building where we saw so many busily preparing for the Inauguration.

Since the Lord supernaturally made known to me that Mr. Trump would be the President, I have been savoring the spiritual side of God’s choice and anointing upon this man. Listening, ever listening to what we are to do about it. And, of course, that includes “First Of All” praying for our new government leaders.

KCM Minister’s Conference (Tuesday Jan 17 – Thursday Jan 19)

What a wonderful meeting! Only ministers can attend. And that has to be by invitation due to the number of seats available. They were all filled with the most wonderful people. Ministry gifts in the Body of Christ.

There was a special anointing of “Look What The Lord Has Done!” and “Look What He Is Doing and Will Do!”

I still have to pinch myself when I realize that I get to speak at this great meeting.

My session was at 11:00 Tuesday. And I stepped into such an anointing.

God granted utterance. (And He did to all the others also.) I am going to see if it would be all right with the Copelands to make this session available to you.

A highlight of the meeting was the visit by Dr. James Robison. He has had opportunity to pray with our new President for some time now. His testimony to us was that our President is open to the Lord and open to spiritual counsel from godly leaders.

We must pray that this avenue of godly counsel stays open.

The Jim Baker Show

Last week, as I was looking in the mirror in the morning washing my face, I heard the Lord tell me to call Jim Baker and ask if I could come on his show and tell how we supernaturally knew Donald J. Trump would be the next President. And to talk about The Authority of the Believer. The Bakers had given me an open invitation to call them when I felt the Lord so nudged me. And they answered back with a gracious invitation to do so.

This is Saturday as I write. I don’t know how many of you will read this before, but if you do, Please pray for me for utterance this next Tuesday, January 24. We will tape from noon central for 2 to 3 hours.

Feeding the Homeless

Terry Brim and a truck from Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks headed for a spot where we have found to feed the homeless…both with meat that we smoked on Prayer Mountain and the good nutrition of the Word of God. A soon-to-come issue of The Prayer Mountain Gazette will tell how we’ve been doing this.

Prayer Mountain Prayer

Tomorrow, Sunday January 22, I will be conducting the Three PM CST Prayer Service.

Don’t forget to join me Wednesday morning at 8:00CST for our Phone Call Prayer for Israel.

And then at noon, Wednesday, there will be streamed live prayer from Prayer Mountain. And those of you who can come out, we will have a meal and fellowship for you to enjoy afterwards.

Shalom, Shalom

Billye Brim