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January 13, 2017 CUFI Trip to Washington, DC

Billye Brim Blog 1-13-17
Back Seat of My Car (Hannah’s Driving)

I’m on my way to Physical Therapy (knee) and wanted to write this while the “feelings” of yesterday are still with me.

Last week, CUFI (Christians United For Israel) called and asked if we could make a quick trip to Washington D.C. to lobby our senators in behalf of Israel in light of recent critical happenings. 250 of the 3.3 million CUFI members made their way to D.C. on very short notice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday night we were addressed by Senator Coon (D-Del) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Senator Coon, a dedicated Christian and very pro-Israel, asked for our prayers for a senate prayer group that meets every Wednesday at 8am. About 30 senators from both parties are meeting for prayer centering around their love for Jesus Christ.

We were given three talking points to present to our senators.

1. Please support Senate Resolution 6 stating that the Senate does not approve of the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 which denies Jewish rights to Judea and Samaria (biblical Israel).

2. Support moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

3. Vote to confirm the President Elect’s nomination for the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I slipped away from our 8 am EST breakfast briefing after an hour to step into the next room and host our 8am CST Israel Prayer Call. How thrilling it was to stand in your Capital City and hear almost 1200 of you call out your home states. (We were also joined by Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Great Britain.)

I asked you to pray about our going to the Hill and our appointments there. I gave you our three talking points. And I told you I expected to be carried on your prayers.

Wow!!!!! It was Supernatural!!!!! Above and Beyond!!!

On Capitol Hill

Our Missouri contingency was to visit Senators Claire McCaskill (D) and Roy Blunt (R). We dropped by Senator McCaskill’s office (they were moving) and she was too busy to see us. Yet we talked to aides to thank her. Then it was announced at the CUFI breakfast that she had signed on to Sen Res. 6!!! The whole place cheered. This is a first for her.

Then we headed for an 11:30 appointment with Senator Roy Blunt, our Senator, and our friend. You will remember that at two Autumn Assemblies he has given us an update from his seat on the Intelligence Committee.

So, to set the stage for a very supernatural event we were just about to experience, we have been going to Senator Blunt’s office every year for 10 years. His office is famous for being the former office of President Harry Truman when he was a Senator, and then when he was Vice-President and head of the Senate. Hanging on the wall of Blunt’s now conference room where we meet with the Honorable Senator is a picture of Truman’s desk over against the windowed wall. (President Harry Truman is a hero for his May 14, 1948 early recognition of the modern State of Israel, even against the counsel of his Sec. of State, George Marshall.)

It was about ten minutes before 11:00. The little group who walked together included Pastors Dr. Larry and Loretta Ollison, Pastors Tom and Vicki Leuther, a couple from St Louis (I didn’t get their permission to use their names in this blog), my daughter, Shelli, and my granddaughter, Hannah. We had walked through tunnels from the Hart Building to the Russell Building and were on the second floor headed toward Room 260, Senator Blunt’s office.

At the end of a hall we’d walked down looking at the numbers of the offices we passed, we looked for signs directing us to Room 260. Dr. Larry Ollison pointed to a sign at the foot of a spiral stairway, which seemed to point upward indicating that a few numbered rooms (which included 260) were in that direction.

Larry said to Pastor Tom, “That’s odd that a few rooms would be on another floor.”

I didn’t want to climb the stairs. (Hannah’s Apple watch later indicated we walked nearly 3 miles that day.) So I said to the others, “Let’s ride the elevator.” There was no room on it for Larry and Tom.

When the door opened (onto what was really the third floor), we stepped out into a bevy of the world press. FOX, CNN, and all the others had cameras and computer stations set up throughout the walkway. One had to weave in and out of them to walk through the hallway.

My lightning fast mind thought, We have stepped into the center of the action.

I made my way through the impasse, no one said a word.

I saw they were set up outside a door which said 325 Senate Kennedy Caucus Room. People stepped in and out those doors. The press would grab them for interviews.

It hit me. We are outside the room where the hearings are taking place for the President Elect’s nominees. We were actually there during the Rex Tillerson hearing for Secretary of State.

I remembered what the Lord had said to me on January 6 when I was praying about making this trip to D.C. I wrote it in a journal, and I had the journal with me:

“Take advantage of prayer where your feet do tread.
Go to the places where you are Spirit led.”

I got it!!!!! The Holy Spirit had led us to this place. I went to the other end of the hall and asked our little entourage to follow me through the press regalia to the other end and to pray all the way. Our prayer was one of taking authority. According to Ephesians 1 and 2, we sat in our places at the right hand of the Father in our Lord and Savior. We used our authority over the prince of the powers (authorities) of the air that would attempt to operate over that room through the minds of human beings. A spirit of boldness came upon me. We did not speak loud enough for the politicians and press to hear us, but I’ve been on enough strategic prayer assignments to know how to pray how Hannah prayed. Only our lips moved. Those evil princes heard us, and that was enough. I would say we were in that hallway 15 to 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, back down on the Second Floor, when we got on the elevator, a policewoman said to Larry and Tom, “They can’t go up that elevator. It’s restricted.”

Larry said, “I’ll walk up the staircase and get them.”

She said, “You can’t. Don’t be concerned. Security won’t let them off the elevator.”

None of us saw any Security or Authority figures. No one said anything to us.

There was one man who stood near the elevator and smiled at us every time we passed. He did have on a khaki-colored uniform with the name of the building. But to me it looked more like he was a service person, perhaps a custodian. He was the only one who acknowledged me. Shelli said one of the press people greeted her.

When the policewoman was distracted by something else, Larry made his way to where we were. And joined us with no problem.

When we sensed we were through, we left to go to Senator Blunt’s office.

(In thinking about this later, I thought, If we’d asked where the hearings were taking place and tried to make our way there on our own. We never could have done it. Everyone we asked would have told us, “You can’t go there!” But we were there.

We were Spirit led. And we prayed where our feet did tread.

In retrospect it reminds me of so many times when we were led in exactly the same way. In Moscow and Red Square. On Azusa Street. In Ariel Sharon’s office. On the Golan with the Druze. And many other times and places. Like Wigglesworth, I’d rather have the anointing of the Spirit of God upon me than to have the world with a fence around it!)

We headed for the cafeteria in the tunnels between the Senate buildings.
We knew where we were headed. After all we’ve been going a long time.

But, a black policeman came up and walked along side us. He engaged us in pleasant conversation as to who we are, and what we were doing. When we headed toward the cafeteria, he said, “Oh, no. Keep going. Go on down to the really nice place to eat. It’s buffet style and the food is great.”

So we did. It was like something that had been hidden being revealed. We rounded a corner and stepped into a lovely room where seemingly VIPs were eating. We were escorted to a table covered with a white linen tablecloth. And we had a delicious lunch.

The Place of the Inauguration

On January 7, praying again about the D.C. trip, I heard, “Pray at the place of the Inauguration.”

So we walked down the hill, and turned left to be as close as we could to the West Entrance to the Capitol Building.

Crews were busy working to prepare the place. Busses were there with military bands and escorts who will take part. Thousands of chairs were set up. Flags hung.

What a thrill just to see it.

But we knew what we were there for. To take authority over the powers of the air that would plot evil against this holy ceremony. Here we were quite free to pray the prayers of authority over this place.



Hebrews 4:13
Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

Shalom, Shalom,
Billye Brim