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February 8, 2018 Nation Prayer Breakfast

Billye Brim Blog
Washington D.C. Hilton
National Prayer Breakfast
February 8, 2018

Where Oh Where Do I Begin!!!!!

A phrase I learned in a Hebrew song during my days of study at Ulpan Akiva best describes my feelings. Pronounced Azza Yom, it means What A Day!

Not until I was invited by The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast’s three events planned around this National Prayer Breakfast did I plan to attend. You must have an invitation to attend this Senate sponsored affair. One of the speaker’s called it “the hottest ticket in town.”

So I was late in asking Missouri Senator Roy Blunt for a ticket. His office told me they would try, but the cut off date had passed long ago. They did their best. And the beautiful invitation arrived.

Day before yesterday when I went to register and pick up my ticket, the lady said “Ivory” and handed me a beautifully printed ticket with the table number. I turned to Shelli and said, “I heard there is an overflow room and I’m so late I’ll probably be there. But I don’t mind. I am thankful to be here.”

Early this morning I was a part of the more than 3000 people crowded together, inching along to the security station. Finally passing through, I met an usher who said he would escort me to my table. To my surprise, he kept walking closer and closer to the stage. He took me to a table on the very first row.

Senator Roy Blunt smiled and welcomed me to the table for eight motioning for me to sit one seat to his right next to President C. Pat Taylor of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. To Senator Blunt’s left sat Sam Brownback, former Senator and Governor from Kansas. He has just been appointed to United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. (Please put him on your prayer list for leaders as he enters The State Department.)

Directly across from me sat Dr. Ben Carson and his lovely wife, Candy.
He is of course current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. (In fact, if you were watching when President Trump recognized his Cabinet and motioned with his hand to where they were sitting, it was the first row of tables where I was seated. You talk about having to pinch yourself, I certainly felt like doing so. But I didn’t think it would be appropriate.)

Directly to my right sat Timo Juhani Soini with his beautiful Finnish wife to his right. Mr. Soini is the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Finland. Having spent much time in Finland during the years I was going into Soviet Russia with Jim and Kathleen Kaseman, it was easy to engage in conversation with him. Especially so since Finnish is such a difficult language and I spoke the few Finnish words I’d manage to learn. This jovial man laughed right out loud when he heard me. But he opened right up to answer my questions about how he sees President Putin and Russia’s alliance with Iran.

I regret that I’d obeyed the rules and didn’t bring my cell phone and its handy camera. A card printed and inserted with our tickets said no cameras allowed. People everywhere including at my table had theirs.
But I would not have known where to stop snapping. And would have blown my cover.

So many truly VIPs sat all around. US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her husband sat at the table to my left. They were at the table where the little 9-year-old girl President Trump recognized sat. As I walked to my table I saw Franklin Graham, Secretary Rick Perry, Michele Bachman. Later I saw Roma Downey and husband, Mark Burnett, Mrs. Doug Coe and her sons (The National Prayer Breakfast began in 1953 under Doug Coe’s guidance. It has been attended by every sitting president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.)

The 66th Annual
Washington National Prayer Breakfast

The Holy Spirit was manifestly present in the prayers and the prayerful attitudes of every speaker and those praying at the many, many tables.
My heart thrilled to experience it. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, was worshipped and appealed to in “real” prayer.

When President Trump walked in to a standing ovation, I felt like giving in to a desire to tear up, to weep. As you know, if you have read my new book, FIRST OF ALL…and The Awakenings, the Lord has placed this man and his Presidency so in my heart. So many of you have joined the First Of All Campaign the Lord led us to launch. I know you would have felt the same.

His words were full of honor and faith in our Lord. But honestly I was so caught up in just seeing and hearing him in person, I will have to go back and listen to what he said.

Particularly touching was the personal testimony of The Honorable Steve Scalise, U.S. Representative from Louisiana. He shared his first thoughts after being shot on the baseball field practicing for the Republican team. The first prayers he uttered. The miracles involved in his life being saved. The prayers. The Scriptures.

Scalise, described as a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, was joined on the platform by his longtime friend, U.S. Representative from Louisiana, Cedric Richmond. Richmond was introduced as a dyed-in-the-wool-democrat. He was with the democratic team when he heard. He told of their kneeling in prayer. And his prayers for his friend’s wife and children.

I really felt as we dismissed that the Father heard our heart-felt prayers. And that it counted for our nation.

Someone called my name as I was leaving. It was Ricky Skaggs and his wife Sharon. She and her dedicated Christian mother, Ricky said, had long loved the ministry the Lord uses us in. Later the Skaggs stood with Shelli and me in the hallway and we had wonderful fellowship. He is singing tonight at a dinner here.

This blog is so long. And I haven’t even talked about the Israeli Knesset delegation and the wonderful things that have happened in our Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast events. But since we have one more event tomorrow morning, I will give my witness after that.


To top it all off, I walked into my room one day and there was the most beautiful bouquet. The card read: Your VA Ladies surround you and Shelli with Faith and Love! Sethia & Debbe

We felt their love and we have felt the Father’s Love in letting us witness His doings in this wonderful day. Shelli didn’t get a ticket to the Prayer Breakfast itself. But she has been enjoying the Israeli events and so much else. To be continued…..