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February 10, 2018 IDF Security Briefing - Pastor John Hagee

Billye Brim Blog, 2-10-18
Pastor John Hagee
Security Briefing

I just received a phone call from Pastor John Hagee, Christians United For Israel.
He gave me the military security briefing he had just received from an IDF Lt Col.
He was asked by the Israeli military officer to spread the truth of what happened via all media. You can hear Pastor Hagee in a video report from his desk on the CUFI Facebook page.

Here are the notes I took as Brother Hagee spoke to me.
But you should go to the CUFI Facebook Page for the exact details.

My notes:

4:00am Sabbath morning Iranian controlled drone was sent from Syria.
Israel tracked drone from moment it left Syria.
Penetrated Israeli air space.
Intercepted and destroyed by Apache Helicopter.

8 Israeli jets responded.
Destroyed their targets.

Syrian anti-aircraft fire hit Israeli jet.
Two pilots ejected. Both in hospital. One critical.

Israel responded attacking 12 command posts.
4 Syrian. 8 Iranian.
All were destroyed. IDJ jets returned safely without incident.

Israel considers this an Iranian attack on Israel soil.
A hostile action.

To get the exact details go to CUFI Facebook.

Billye Brim notes: I have followed activity on Israel’s northern border for some time.
Iran controls Lebanon and Syria. Therefore, in effect Israel’s northern border is a border with Iran.
Iran also controls Hamas in Gaza through finances.