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December 19, 2017 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Blog Billye Brim
The Parsonage December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

I love everything about our celebrating the Incarnation of God With Us: IMMANUEL.

Shelli and I had such an anointing when we taught on our television program The Prophetic Witness some little known facts about why it is good and correct that we celebrate December 25. Of course you can watch these revealing lessons on Dish Network, ROKU, etc.

As we were making the programs, our TV crew was so moved they asked that we give them DVD’s they could share with their doubting neighbors.

And now, for the next three Wednesdays (December 20, 27 & January 3) if you join us at for what would have been our streamed-live prayer, you will see these programs. Our technical department head is taking a well-deserved vacation. So we cannot stream live without him.

For those of you who come out to Prayer Mountain to pray, we will be there tomorrow, December 20; we will not be streaming the prayer meeting.

See the bottom of this blog for schedule at Prayer Mountain.

Sending the Ravens

Shelli Jones Manuel shared this with me today:

Chuck Pierce told this at our New England Alliance of Pastors location last week.
He was praying about that [how God used ravens to feed the prophet] recently.
And he said to God, “Are you going to send the ravens or not?”
Suddenly, a black raven flew onto his car hood and looked him right in the eye and dropped a bag of McDonald’s French fries into the windshield well and flew off!

Shelli wanted to share this with me, but she also asked me to agree with her for God to send some ravens and she listed some pressing needs. Well, I don’t know about that particular prayer, but I can agree in prayer that God will supply her needs.

I know she is faithful to tithe and give. As you may remember, the Lord used some of you to bless her last Christmas. And you did it so well to His glory. Due to health reasons (overcoming cancer and many side effects) she has not been able to get her ministry really going. I know she has tried, even pushing her body as well as a not-safe-to-drive automobile to be in meetings, teach, etc. Shelli is extremely multi-gifted. See the attached portrait she painted with Shulamith Katznelson and me back in my Ulpan Akiva days. She is musical, etc., etc.

She is working on a new edition of her husband’s wonderful book The Light and the Glory. Its release could turn things around for her.

Right now she has a number of things she needs to catch up on with a December deadline.

If the Lord taps your heart to be a raven to her, perhaps you could put some bread ($5, $10, or more) into a Christmas card with an encouraging word to her. I know God will bless you for doing so.

For the holidays she is receiving mail at her father’s home.

Shelli Jones Manuel
1222 Conowingo Road
BelAir MD, 21014

Please use her maiden name as part of address to assure delivery.

Holiday Schedule
Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks

12/20 Wednesday
Prayer for local prayers at the Mountain
Stream The Prophetic Witness TV program

12/24 Sunday
No prayer at the Mountain

12/27 Wednesday
No prayer at the Mountain
Stream The Prophetic Witness

12/31 Sunday
No prayer at the Mountain

1/3/18 Wednesday
No prayer at the Mountain
Stream The Prophetic Witness