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August 28, 2017 Surely You Are Praying

Billye Brim Blog
August 28, 2017
The Parsonage

Surely you are praying.

At 2:30 CDT Deena Wood, Dr Gary Wood’’s widow, and Angel are evacuating their home to go to be with her son, David.
Lois Godwin, former staff of John and Dodie Osteen, is “high and dry.

A much-needed lesson Texans are demonstrating to our nation is “unity.”
Working together. One heart, mind, and hand.

We MUST as a nation STOP the violence and schisms which plague us. Our Lord said that a house divided can not stand. Of course, many would think us “crazy” to think so, but demonic forces drive the mob violence—from all sides—to divide and conquer.

BUT, we pray-ers know it. And we know how to stop it. We have a God-given authority to do so. Exercise yours today and everyday.

Clear out the air—and you know what I mean—over your domain.
(If you don’t know order my little minibook, The Authority of the Believer and How To Use It.)

Especially those of you who have “habitational authority” over the places President Trump will visit, be sure to exercise it.
Current plans call for his flying to Texas tomorrow.
Then to be in Springfield, Missouri Wednesday.

Shalom, Shalom