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London/Brussels Prophecy



Father, we just give you thanks this night. Oh, hallelujah.

(Tongues) Praise the Lord (tongues)

The Spirit of the living God is going to portray before you all of the
parts of the life of Christ.
But it will be done in the supernatural, saith the Spirit of the Lord.
You're... (Tongues)
He will call on different individuals.
It will be the most unusual production you have ever witnessed, saith
the Spirit of the Lord.
Oh...(tongues) You will hear singing like you've never heard.
You will hear sounds that are not earthly. Hallelujah.
They will be coming through human voices, but they will not be
(tongues) coming from the human mind.
They will be coming from another world.
That world that though you do not believe that it really exists, it's
the most real, the most powerful, the most majestic, the most beautiful
of all worlds.
And that world is going to begin to invade this one more, and more, and
more, and more. Hallelujah!
Ah, ha! OOH, hallelujah.
I'm going to literally (tongues) ...
I'm going to put on scenes in (tongues) a dimension that is even
greater than the dimension that men speak of today the fourth dimension.
Hallelujah. (tongues)
There is a seventh dimension that I'm going to make known, saith the
Lord of Hosts. Hallelujah. (tongues)
It will (tongues) . . .
You're going to see a crop that you have never seen produced.
You're going to see a bumper crop in this hour, saith the Spirit of the
And the hour is upon you.
You're going to thrust in the sickle and the ground is going to reap
the harvest. Hallelujah. (Tongues)
It is no longer going to be such hard labor in places.
Nations are going to begin to yield to Me, saith the Spirit of the
One that you will soon see, saith the Spirit, will...(tongues) ... one
of the major cities of the world that My eye has been on for many
years, and it is London, England. Hallelujah. (tongues)
I know... (tongues) I will.....(tonques)
You see another city that the eye of the man of sin is upon, that is
the city wherein is located the Common Market. (tongues
But before that Common Market becomes the vehicle of the antichrist
system; that city is going to know a mighty sweep of God.
That city is Brussels, Belgium. Hallelujah.
And some of you who sit here tonight will be in on these two great
moves of God that will be in these cities. (Tongues)
It will be news worthy. Hallelujah!
Even the president of the United States will back you, saith the Lord
of hosts.