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24 Hour Prayer Assignment

Dear Prayer Force,

I want to thank each of you who have committed to praying in tongues for 30 minutes, as Sister Billye has asked us to do, according to her instructions from the Lord. There are so many important issues facing us in the world today and because of this we need the Holy Spirit of God to help us pray effectually and fervently. (James 5:16)

During the Noon Prayer webcast on November 19th, 2014, Sister Billye shared how the Lord had shown her that the WWPs need to begin a 24 hour prayer-in-the-Spirit assignment to help bring about the will of the Lord in these crucial times. Sister Billye gave us these scriptures to start with: Romans 8:19, 22 and Romans 8:26-27. Part of her instruction to us for this prayer time is, "this prayer is to be totally Spirit-directed--prayer as He directs."

If you are interested in joining the 24/7 Prayer Team please fill out the online signup form (link below.) We have all ready grown to a team of over 10,000. If you are unable to pray at the same time everyday, then sign up as a "floater" (one who prays everyday for this assignment but needs to be flexible as to a time or one who prays several times a week). There is a "floater" option at the bottom of the page.

(CLICK HERE to read, Instructions for 24/7 Prayer Assignment by Sister Billye.)

Thank you!
With Much Love,
Prayer Mountain Prayer Team

Click below to sign-up and choose the time would like to devote to pray with us.