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Dec. 15, 2011 The Holy Spirit in the Plan of God 4

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Dec. 14, 2011 The Holy Spirit in the Plan of God 3

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Dec. 13, 2011 The Holy Spirit in the Plan of God 2

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Dec. 12, 2011 The Holy Spirit in the Plan of God 1

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December 16, 2011 WWP Prayer Alert

Dear Pray-ers,

Pastors John and Diana Hagee are in Lagos, Nigeria.

Please hold them up to ride on the wings of intercessory prayer to great success there.

December 16, 2011 Excited for Third Sunday at Three Service!

Billye Brim Blog:
Just talked to Chip. Excited about "the opportunity" to believe
and receive healings and miracles at the Third Sunday at Three Service.

December 14, 2011 Billye Brim


Wed, 12/14/2011


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Wednesday Noon Prayer Webcast
from Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks
in Branson, Missouri

Thank you for joining with us
in prayer today.

2012 School of The Holy Spirit at Prayer Mountain

2012 School of the Holy Spirit
with Dr. Billye Brim and Revs. Joe Jordan and Ron Smith
here at Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks

Meeting Date

06/12/2012 - 06/15/2012

Nov/Dec 2011 Partner Letter Photos

On 11/28/11, I sent a partner letter by email that shared some personal things about impartations,
my own ordination by Kenneth E. Hagin, etc.

BVOV Television Broadcast with Sister Billye and Sister Gloria

Be sure to get your coffee or tea and your Bible and notebook
ready for two weeks of study and fellowship with Sister Billye
& Sister Gloria on The Believer's Voice of Victory Broadcast!

Meeting Date

10/01/2012 - 10/12/2012